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What is Underwrap?

UnderwrapUnderwrap is a very thin foam that is breathable and strong. It comes in many colours, becoming versatile for different uses. It is designed to help protect skin from other materials, such as tape and bandages, that may cause chafing or inflammation to the skin below it.

It provides an excellent surface to stick to.  Generally, tape adheres immediately and permanently to the underwrap.  Because the tape is not stuck directly to the skin, there is much less chance of you ‘sweating off’ the tape as you become active.  The main disadvantage of this taping technique is that it is impossible to correct mistakes in the tape job as you go along: once the tape is stuck, you can’t peel it back without tearing away the wrap with it.  Zinc oxide tape and elastic adhesive bandage are often used in conjunction with underwrap, however, it is not suitable for use with kinesiology tape.

Who Uses it?

Underwrap is popular in sports such as Rugby and Boxing where a large amount of tape is used on many areas of the body. It can also be used to hold pads and socks in place, and as a blister prevention by wrapping it around the foot, it protects the skin against rubbing and pain when removing the tape.

Now whilst many people use is for the latter reasons, there are some people who use it for different reason! Headbands! Why you ask? The wrap provides a physical barrier to prevent sweat running onto your face, it doesn’t pull, and most importantly if it becomes caught it will snap and break freeing you from a potential accident. Watch the video below where footballer Alex Morgan shows us how she makes headbands using underwrap.

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