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cohesive rip tape
cohesive rip tapecohesive rip tape

Cohesive Rip Tape


  • Slip resistant on skin
  • Non sticky but grips to itself
  • 5cm and 7.5cm widths available

Product Description

Cohesive Rip Tape is a hand tear able sports bandage (also known as Chicken Skin). It is made from cotton but has a rubberised coating. As a tape it sticks to itself and not to skin or hair.
Being a non slip bandage, it is great for compression, holding dressing in place and support. Due to it’s cotton woven material it can absorb blood so it great for getting back on the field after injury.As it adheres to itself, there is no need for extra tape or pins making it quick and simple to apply.

Tape Up Recommends Cohesive Rip Tape For?

  • Soft Tissue Compression
  • Holding dressings in place
  • Blood spill absorption
  • Quick application when needed.



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