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boxing hand wrap - Pro Wrap
hand wrapPro WrapPro Wrap

Pro Wrap case of 24


  • Unique width stretch wrap
  • 5cm x 10m, cotton weave
  • Used to pad knuckles
  • Endorsed by Dean Powell

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Product Description

Pro wrap is an innovative boxing hand wrap which stretches along its width but not it’s the length. This unique stretch allows for easy and secure application. The stretch along the width is particularly useful when hand wrapping for Boxing. Padding is applied to the hands, forms a fairly rigid layer to hold the hand and knuckles in place whilst allowing the fingers to move and form a fist.


This product is endorsed by The British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC), and is approved for use by professional boxers. Used in conjunction with the Zinc Oxide Rigid Strapping Tape the Pro Wrap is becoming  popular with boxers and trainers alike.

Tape Up Recommends

We recommend the Pro Wrap for use in competitive boxing.


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